Annual or Exit Survey

An Annual or Exit Survey is designed to be given 1) once a year, either to all or selected resource users, or 2) to users who are closing their accounts. This survey has the following purposes:

This document contains a suggested introduction and a variety of possible questions. Not all questions included here would be necessary; facilitators should choose questions that are relevant to the information they want to gather.

Suggested Introduction

Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey. Your responses here on the use of Advanced Cyberinfrastructure (ACI) resources (e.g. cluster or cloud computing, high speed/software-defined networks, large storage arrays) will be used to gauge the impact of the ACI-REF program, both locally and nationally. We appreciate your honesty and answering to the best of your ability. Again, we appreciate your time and thank you for your cooperation.

Suggested Questions

Name or LoginID

Demographic info (Skip these questions if this data already on file or collected in a previous survey):

First consultation date

Please indicate your current familiarity with the following computing concepts or methodologies:

Never heard of it Heard of it but never tried it Novice Use regularly Fluent and experienced
Unix command line
Installing/compiling software in unix
Writing scripts
HPC/HTC/Cluster systems
Use of a batch/scheduling system
Cloud computing
Large disk arrays
Software defined (on-demand) networks

For which aspects of your work did you consult an ACI-REF (select all that apply):

_____ Help with grant proposal
_____ Help via ticketing system (for items not listed here)
_____ Have ACI-REF speak at lab/group meeting (or research gathering)
_____ Discuss storage options
_____ Discuss compute options
_____ Use an high-performance or high-throughput system (cluster)
_____ Use one or more software packages
_____ Install software
_____ Scale a functioning program to HPC/HTC
_____ Optimize/troubleshoot a workflow
_____ Develop or adopt a workflow
_____ Other ______________________________________________________________

Describe how ACI resources are a critical component of your research

Please tell us about your research outcomes that were made possible by your ACI-REF interactions. Or, if more appropriate, what may not have been possible.

Please tell us about additional outcomes made possible from ACI-REF assistance (sucn as papers, posters, dissertaions, funding, awards, distinctions, postions, collaborations) </li>

As best to your ability, please estimate the approximate time that you saved by working with an ACI-REF, if applicable (please check one): __ Hours __ Days __ Weeks __ Months __ N/A

Did you use the skills & expertise you gained from the ACI-REF to assist others:

Have you used these skills in other communication methods not related to scholarly articles? (e.g. blog posts, tweets?) __ Yes __ No

Did you use any other alternatives to accomplish your goals?

Are there any other persons that we should contact who could use our assistance?

Do you have any suggestion/comments for improvements?

Might we use some of this information for our web site? __ Yes __ No

If so, do you wish to be anonymized? __ Yes __ No